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>Tiny Tigers: Children ages three to five focus on listening, memory, balance and coordination while learning the basic kicks and punches of the martial arts.

Juniors: Children focus on team work, self-control and respect while learning traditional Tae Kwon Do and open forms as well as age-appropriate self-defense and sparring techniques from a variety of martial arts traditions.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect your child to receive from training in Tae Kwon Do

Being Fit and Healthy:
Tae kwon do training incorporates extensive stretching and constant aerobic exertion. The results are increased aerobic capacity, strength and awareness of one’s body. Your child will burn tons of calories, build muscle, and in general, get your child’s metabolism kicked into high gear.

Self Defense Skills:
Tae kwon do is recognized as the martial art with the most highly developed arsenal of kicking techniques. Through constant practice of techniques and total body conditioning, the Tae kwon do practitioner becomes mentally and physically prepared to defend oneself, should the need arise. At the same time, students are always reminded that martial arts skills are never to be used in an abusive or offensive and manner.

Self-Confidence and a Positive Outlook:
Tae kwon do training instills a sense of discipline, control over one’s mind and body and ultimately, self-confidence. Our children will be encouraged to take on challenges and to push themselves past their own pre-conceived limits and reach new heights of self-confidence that will carry over to all aspects of their life.

Academic Excellence:
Many parents have attributed to our program improved grades as a direct result if the increased achievement motivation, self-direction, and self-confidence provided by Tae kwondo training.

A Respectful Attitude and Discipline:
Children in our program learn to have a positive and respectful attitude toward their teachers, parents, peers and, ultimately, themselves.

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